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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty, also known as vaginal rejuvenation, is a surgical procedure to help restore the vaginal anatomy of women.

Dr. Abboud and his team at Beauty and Beyond Medical been serving women with this and other procedures for more than two decades and we would be honored to help you as well.

Why Get a Vaginoplasty

There are two distinct categories of reasons that women may consider getting a vaginoplasty, and within those two categories, each woman will have their reasons. For some women, vaginal rejuvenation is a purely cosmetic procedure. When cosmetics are the primary reason for the surgery, it is often combined with a labiaplasty. The vaginoplasty works on the internal structure of the vagina, while the labiaplasty is concerned with the outer areas such as the labia and vulva.

Other women want a vaginoplasty to help restore the vaginal function by correcting issues with the supportive tissues and muscles. Repairs may be needed because of damage caused by trauma, childbirth, or just natural aging. The results can help to tighten up the vaginal canal, resulting in greater sexual satisfaction, improved confidence, and even a reduction in incontinence.

Is a Vaginoplasty Effective

If you and Dr. Abboud determine that a vaginoplasty is a good course of action, the procedure can be very effective. Dr. Abboud will talk perform an exam where he will determine what, if any, damage or other issues may exist. He will then speak with you about your desired outcomes, and plan accordingly. A vaginoplasty is a relatively simple procedure, which will be done under general anesthesia in most cases, and the vast majority of patients are pleased with the results.

The initial recovery time is quite short for this procedure. The procedure itself only takes between one and two hours in most cases. After the surgery, patients typically spend about a day in recovery before they can go home. There will be some pain or discomfort while the healing takes place, and all sexual intercourse should be avoided for a minimum of two weeks. When you are discharged, you will be given a set of exercises that you can perform to help strengthen and tighten the muscles of the pelvic wall. Performing these exercises as instructed will help to reduce scar tissue, and ensure the size of the vaginal wall after healing is where it should be.

What Is a Labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a simple surgical procedure that shortens the inner vaginal lips, typically by removing excess skin. The procedure reshapes and adjusts the labia major and the labia minor. The labia major are the larger lips located on the outside of the vagina, and the labia minor are the smaller lips, located just on the inner side of the labia major. Both parts of the labia are very important for offering protection for the woman’s clitoris and vagina from trauma, or exposure to bacteria. Dr. Abboud will take care to ensure the procedure leaves your vagina both aesthetically pleasing, and functional.

Why Women Choose a Labiaplasty

Every patient who gets a labiaplasty will have their own unique set of reasons why they decided it was right for them. Talking about this procedure with an experienced doctor like Dr. Michael Abboud is an essential first step in determining if it is right for you.

The following are some of the most common reasons for getting a labiaplasty given by women who have had the procedure done:
• Aesthetics – Likely the most common answer is to improve the visual appearance of the vaginal area. A labiaplasty will reshape the external appearance so that it is more symmetrical and looks the way the woman wants.
• Confidence – The vaginal area is a very personal area, and if a woman doesn’t like the way it looks, she is less likely to be confident sexually and even in other areas of life. Many women who have had this procedure find that they are much more confident and happy with the results.
• Comfort – The vaginal lips can become uncomfortably large, whether due to natural development, after childbirth, or for any other reasons. This discomfort can occur during sexual activity, or at any time. When this happens, they can become irritated or even painful. Restructuring the labia can help to reduce or even eliminate any discomfort.

Is a Labiaplasty Safe?

A labiaplasty is a surgical procedure, which often done under general anesthesia, so there are similar risks that you would experience with any surgery performed in this way.
Most women will experience fairly minor pain and discomfort for several days or weeks after the surgery while they heal. This is managed through pain medication. As with any medical procedure, your doctor will talk with you about all potential risks, and answer any questions you may have. If you want to learn more, or you would like to schedule an appointment to see if a labiaplasty in NYC is a good option for you, please contact us today.

Vaginal Surgery Gallery

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